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Mar 20, 2013
Egos, Icons + Outlaws Photoshoot

Goes down easy! Mountain man beards, leather, leather and lots of leather in our just completed photoshoot with Katelyn Bradshaw! We\'re gonna post the photos soon!

Nov 28, 2012
Egos, Icons + Outlaws

We\'re all amped up about our new concept for a photoshoot - Egos, Icons + Outlaws. That\'s right. Think of the great train robbery meets badass rock n\' roll!

Aug 16, 2012
Back In The Rehearsal Space

We\'re back in black, workin on a new set in the rehearsal space! Can\'t wait to get on the road!

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WGRB Debut Album + Current Tour Lineup


 Jake Israel

Producer. Impresario. (M)Ad Genius. Guitar Hero. Lover. Fighter. Rockstar.

If you aren’t familiar with his work, you soon will be. Visionary producer and musician Jake Israel brings his immense network of contacts and vast expertise in A/R, music and video production, marketing and advertising as well as public relations to the forefront in his role with WGRB.

He would like to extend special thanks to all of those who helped him in his musical and artisitic endeavours.

Twitter: @Jake_Israel

Steve Brett

Guitar Legend. Vocalist. Part-Time Drummer.

From the earliest days of his childhood, music has always been a part of Steve’s life.  Before long, his distinct approach to developing creative ideas brought forth a truly unorthodox method of bringing those of like mind, energy and spirit together in a community.

His boundless energy and giving spirit have made his goals, as well as Jake's...well, a reality!  Steve’s debut solo album, “Red” by brett. recorded and produced by himself and his brother Jeff, is now exclusively available for preview and download on

Twitter: @Brett_Nation

Eric Wood

Lead Vocalist. Guitar Virtuoso. Iconoclast.

Eric Wood is a singer-songwriter with an unbridled and immensely creative energy. His interests has led him to experience many collaborative efforts, eventually paving the way for him to join WGRB.

His natural abilities as a vocalist would soon show through as Eric took the role of being the frontman of WGRB.

"The natural vibe and energy in the room the first time [WGRB] jammed was something special...It felt right. I knew that these were the musicians I wanted play with."

Eric's solo debut album "Towards The Sun" is currently being produced by Jake Israel and is scheduled to be released in the fall 2011.

Twitter: @EricWoodMusic


Jeff Brett

Bassist. Vocalist. Keyboards. Bottom End.

Along with his "little" brother Steve, music has always been a part of Jeff's passions.  Time and time again, Jake is heard muttering "Jeff is the best bassist I have ever had the chance to be in a group with."

Jeff's debut solo album, “Red” by brett. recorded and produced by himself and his brother Steve, is now exclusively available for preview and download for free on

Twitter: @Brett_Nation